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A self-pressurising diesel fuel injector that has the potential to reduce engine emissions dramatically.

The RK Injector is a self-pressurising fuel injection system that is a direct replacement for the current common rail diesel fuel injection system. Benefits of the technology include a significant reduction in cost and weight to a vehicle, a 15% or greater fuel efficiency improvement and a dramatic reduction in both NOx and particulate emissions. The injector technology exceeds the environmental emissions and fuel efficiency standards and targets currently set in the USA and the European Union Euro 6 standards. Key markets for the RK Injector are the heavy truck market, generator set market, diesel cars and light trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, rail and marine engines.

The self-pressurising diesel fuel injector currently under development by RKLAB AG has the potential to reduce engine emissions so dramatically as to perhaps eliminate the need for after-treatment.

Professor Bernard Challen, formerly Technical Director, Ricardo

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RK Fuel Injector

Breakthrough Technology

The RK Injector is a self-pressurizing diesel fuel injector. The RK injector receives its initial compression from the piston compression in the combustion chamber. The RK Injector multiplies the initial combustion chamber pressure within the injector and forces the diesel fuel into the combustion chamber at significantly higher pressure through up to 180 tiny holes, 1 thou diameter
With the RK injector system, the ultra-high pressures through significantly larger number of smaller injection holes has the natural effect within the combustion chamber of creating optimal combustion conditions (high pressure, smaller fuel droplet size, lower combustion temperatures).
The unique dispersal nozzle of the RK Injector injects the diesel in about 180 tiny droplets under 5,000+ bar pressure in a unique spray pattern further improving the combustion process, compared to the current, common rail injection system with only 4-8 holes.
This atomisation of the fuel particles improves the mixing of the air and fuel in the combustion chamber that not only improves the combustion process but also lowers the temperature and the compression within the combustion chamber. It is the more complete combustion of the fuel at lower temperature and lower combustion compressions that delivers the three main benefits of the RK Injector system: better fuel economy, reduction in particulate emissions and the reduction in NOx

Better Fuel Delivery System

The symbiotic nature of the interrelationship between the combustion chamber and the injector is further strengthened by the natural fuel optimisation within the system. There is a natural feedback within the RK Injector as it takes its initial signal (compression pressure) from the combustion chamber it will only provide the amount of fuel that the combustion chamber will effectively burn. Thus it is the natural combustion curve of the fuel that will dictate the rate of fuel being added, optimising the rate of fuel injection and never over fuelling or potentially wasting fuel. This natural relationship between the combustion chamber and the fuel injection does not preclude the ability to electronically control the RK Injector. The RK Injector can be controlled through the solenoid valves in exactly the same way as the existing technology injector, it will have the same or improved diagnostic tools to be able to monitor and control the combustion process.

Reduction in Cost and Complexity

The RK Injector is a new concept in diesel fuel injection, replacing the Common Rail diesel fuel injection system with a simpler, cheaper, and much more effective injection and combustion system. The injector can be retro fitted into existing engines as well as new engines bringing in the lucrative after sales market.

Full suite of Patents

RKLAB has applied for a full suite of patents internationally. As the technology develops we aim to add to this family of patents and extend the reach of intellectual property protection beyond the fuel injection system.

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